Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lesbians, bi women....How do you chat up a woman?

I usually find it difficult to chat up women who I don't know very well. I can usually read flirting signs well now but I don't really flirt with women unless I know for sure that they like women too.... especially as I am not out.

When you chat up a woman you've just met in a store or party or any random place, what do you say if you're trying to chat them up? Besides chatting about careers/jobs, the weather and the news, what do you bring in the conversation?Lesbians, bi women....How do you chat up a woman?
Talk about their lives. People like to talk about themselves, plus you get to learn a lot this way. As an open bi-sexual, I'd say most of my great experiences with women sprung from conversations involving intelligent matter, travels, talking about their likes and dislikes, flirting a little by suggesting your sexuality, but not springing it on them like your insane....woman respond that way. Most can tell when your putting yourself out there suddenly, but if they don't feel a connection or don't bend that way then they'll brush it off. Lesbians, bi women....How do you chat up a woman?
Well Im not very experienced but I know women like humour- despite how they may come across. So I try and be witty.

Also talking about boring things is thee worst! Such a turn off, lol yeah like the weather etc. Never do that with a woman. Talk about the unorthodox, like something intruiging- it depends on what she finds interesting though. So try and find out what she likes. Remember women love feeling important and adored, so its the ultimate seduction tool. Just dont over do it.(Im kinda guilty of that).

Argue with her- hoenstly it sounds strange- but the thrill of a challenge is quite exciting, so contradict her, she'd be intruiged. =)

Cant think of anything else, got anymore let me know. I could sure use some advice here too.

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L Boudreau said...

thanx for posting that... I,m newly bi and not sure how to go about this, but your suggestions will help me for sure!

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