Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why do married women flirt?

I can't walk into a Starbucks without a married woman gawking or fake looking-away. Sometimes they even have their babies with them. Also, married co-workers seem to flirt more than single women.

Are they aware of how pathetic and lonely they come off?Why do married women flirt?
Marriage doesn't mean ';commitment'; to most people today. People are always looking for something better. The thing is, there is always someone that appears to be better and married people get caught up in that. One can be happy with whoever they are with by working together in a relationship. If married people flirt, then they should not be married in the first place. They obviously don't understand the vows they made upon marriage.

Also, I have to agree that some people just want to see if they still ';have it'; by seeing what kind of reaction they get from the person they are flirting with. However, it's wrong to do this because if someoene is married, they shouldn't be flirting at all.

This is the reason I'll never marry. It seems that everytime I am with someone they are always looking for someone else, always flirting, etc. Yet, they want me to be their possession and not do the same thing. Totally unfair!Why do married women flirt?
Hunny, how pathetic are you that you are looking at married women. But in our defense we are human and all men and women look at a beautiful people
It seems that you are god's gift to women and they just can't help themselves. You have a heavy burden to bare and you shouldn't judge them.LOL! Grow up little boy I think most of it has to do with your overdeveloped ego.
For the same reasons a married man does.
And then you woke up from the dream and came back to reality...........
probally just the thrill of it... to see if they still have it! lol

Amuse them...
no but maybe you should tell them how pathetic they look
Maybe you just have that something extra! That magnetism that the married ladies can't resist! Come on...give them a break! They can't help it!
It's actually good for you to flirt as long as you take it no further. If you say you have never flirted with anyone, that would only mean you have no sense of humor and maybe boring. Everyone does it. A flirt is just a flirt...not a sexual thing. ';The best love affairs ar the ones we never had.';
Nothing wrong with flirting. Sounds to me as if you're jealous these women aren't flirting with you.
I have no idea. I am married and I do not flirt with other women. Maybe they aren't getting the attention they need at home and so they flirt with other men to get some reaction out of them?
yes they r aware but they still have the need 2 feel that they can still get that atraction from some one else... why do u flirt becuase u want or need attention... so do married women... n men for that matter...
I'm a very friendly person..I talked to every one that is around me...

I hate it when men or women think that just because you smile or start a conversation you like that person and want to hook up with them...

I Hate that...

I'm a Latin women and I love to interact with single men , married men, old men, young men...and yes I will flirt married or unmarried...there is nothing wrong with that...

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